Shearwater Restaurant

Come with us on an unforgettable dining experience!

We embrace the philosophy of minimising our carbon footprint on Flinders Island and our planet by sourcing fresh local produce in season. Flinders Island is a rare pristine environment which is home to plentiful seafood such as crayfish, scallops and scalefish.

The abundance of wildlife on the island has led to the concept of farming wallaby which has resulted in a gourmet product rapidly gaining a reputation for exceptional eating qualities. The other local meat products we source are ‘free range’ with minimal intervention between paddock and plate.  Our chefs complete the Flinders Island food experience for you by creating a magnificent meal from the freshest ingredients you could ever obtain.

We also have a varied wine list and are the main stockists for the local award winning ‘Unavale Vineyard‘ wines. These are grown here on Flinders Island just 4 kms from the Tavern and the entire winemaking process takes place here. Let us help you match a local wine to complement your dining experience or explore the possibilities yourself.

Take Away Meals

A full take away menu is available 7 days a week. Enjoy fresh fish and chips as you sit on the beach enjoying the peaceful relaxing atmosphere.